Travel along the river with the writers


The Literary Stopover on the Seine (Escale littéraire en Seine) invites you to discover different writers’ representations of the river Seine, between the cities of Le Havre and Paris. You can listen to literary extracts or travel from one town to another using the atlas. You are also welcome to sit and spend time at the Literary Stopover installation which has been set up in the town of Rives-en-Seine.

Listen to the writers
  • Marguerite DURAS, LE HAVRE
  • Francis CARCO, LE HAVRE
  • Maylis de KERANGAL, LE HAVRE
Navigate between Le Havre and Paris
Escale littéraire à Rives-en-Seine

The town of Rives-en-Seine is home to the first Literary Stopover on the Seine (Escale littéraire en Seine), near the MuséoSeine museum.
This installation was designed by the Université Le Havre Normandie, with the support of the region of Normandy, as part of a research programme about literary geography called “GéoSeine”. This field explores the interactions between places and their representations in literature.
The Stopover offers several complementary features:
- Sitting, alone or with others, facing the river
- Listening to literary extracts about the Seine
- Travelling along the river thanks to the digital atlas, set up on site